New bikes we have in stock

Niantic Bay Bicycles has just received a shipment of New old stock bikes! There are bikes of all styles, Hybrids, Beach cruisers, kids bikes Mountain bikes and more.


Marin Hybrid

Here is a great example of one of our NOS bikes, that has gone through the system. All of these bikes have been carefully tuned up, greased, lubed and ready to ride. Many of our customers will reserve a potential bike for a test ride. we will then send it through the system for cleaning and adjusting. We usually to have it ready within a few days.


Rare Bikes from the time machine, and more

We have some rare pieces of cycling history. These bikes look like new and unchanged in some cases. They are survivors.

Specialized Stumpjumper Team Pink"

From the early days of mountain biking to the birth of Cyclo-cross. This bike is a peice of history.  John Tomac and Jacquie Phelan put drop bars on these, and they became the first Gravel Grinders.


Team Fuji "Funny Bike"

Like "Funny Cars" the time trial bike has a smaller front wheel to get more aerodynamic. This TT bike seems to be all original. We love its crackle finish.


ElliptiGO 8 speed

This pre-owned Custom ElliptiGO 8 speed has just received new tracks and rollers. It has been fully tuned and is ready to go.


Brands We Carry