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 Bicycle Overhaul  

Bicycle manufacturers recommend your bike gets overhauled once a year.

 Why get an overhaul? 

Your bicycle will collect dirt and water in the hubs, bottom bracket and headset. These areas can also become worn and cause more costly damage if neglected. You are ensuring the most longevity from your investment by properly maintaining your bike.

 What is included in an overhaul? 

Your bike will receive all of the work performed in a Tune-up plus the following: We disassemble your hubs inspect them for wear, then apply fresh grease and new high quality bearings, the reassemble an adjust. All sealed cartridge bearing are an additional charge. The same service is performed on the bottom bracket and headset. The brakes are removed thoroughly cleaned and re-installed. We recommend that you replace all four cable and housing at this time to ensure precise shifting and braking. We use premium slick stainless steel cables and pre lubricated lined housing. Each run of cable and housing is $15.
Note: Added surcharge for frozen rusted parts such as a seatpost or quill stem.  *Price does not include labor for suspension work or hydraulic brake bleeds.


Overhaul Standard $285
Overhaul Tandem or Recumbent $365
Apply Frame Saver to steel Frame $50

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