Tune Ups

Tune-ups are recommended every 2,000 miles!

Why get a tune-up? Regular maintenance intervals protect your investment. It also makes riding much more enjoyable.

A regular tune-up includes the following:

Your bike is thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water. Your drive train is thoroughly de-greased.
We true and tension the wheels.
We check and if needed, adjust bearings surfaces id they have an external adjustment,
including front and rear hubs, bottom bracket and headset.
We adjust the brakes and the derailleurs to ensure

smooth operation.
We inflate the tires to the proper pressures.
We Lubricate the chain, cassette and derailleur pivots.
We Grease the seatpost and stem.

Then the final step is to test ride your bike to ensure that your bike shifts and brakes to our high standards.

Full Tune w/ wash & wax - $100

Single speed tune - $75

Tandem/Recumbent tune - $180

No Wash tune - $80